It's true. Great ideas are born ever so often. And I fight for them to live. And I fight hard. My continuous, ever improving goal in life is to create work that reaches out and grabs you by the eyeballs, even if everyone and everything around me is trying to prevent me from doing that. I try to inspire those around me and I've been told I'm a good leader and love it when I'm able to inspire others to do better work than even they thought possible. No matter if I'm doing the thinking or leading others to the creative trough, this life I lead of creating great work is what turns Monday into one of my favorite days of the week. Of course, it's still a close race between it and Saturday which is grilling day. Sophie's choice I guess.

Dallas. Atlanta. Richmond. They are all great cities. Each one of them has something special about it which really appeals to me. But you know what I've found? No matter where you choose to live, making sure you do great work is the key to the good life. I'm just not happy unless I'm creating great work. So wherever I'm thinking of ideas, I'm home.